Driven by Passion!

I always say, the way a man treats his car is how he treats himself” — Inspector Tarconi (Transporter, 2002)

Everyone has a passion for something, be it acting, writing, reading… I am one of that everyone, I do have a passion for something, CARS! Here is my story of how that passion is driving me every day.

OK. I love driving! Be it anything from cars, tractors, or anything that has steering and four wheels, I can even do The Flintstones drive!

It all started at the age of 10, when I started learning to drive sitting in my father’s lap and just getting to hold on the steering, not too long but just a quarter-mile. Whatever be the problem at that time, doing this once or twice a month brought me so much happiness.

Let’s take a short break and check who my dad is! He is a teacher, a first graduate in his days, brought himself from the ground up, kinda perfectionist! It’s simple to get his attention - Study, and score well! It’s not that he disliked me in my early days because of my educational phenomenon, but I failed to satisfy his wishes of me studying good, scoring well, getting higher ranks! Added to this, we were in the same institution - He as a teacher and me as a student! Anyway, I love him more than anyone does, coz he is not like that anymore and I have crossed the educational phase of my life. OK, back to my story!

Years passed by and I got my driver’s license, without which I was not allowed to drive in main roads in the past, not by the police but my father. The quarter-mile then expanded to kilometers and kilometers. After then, I’ve heard my dad saying, “Nowadays I am not getting a chance to drive”, but he politely walks to the navigator seat(car guys will know that) handing over the keys to me each time we wanted to go on a drive.

I enjoy a few moments where guys elder to me get pissed off when my relatives say that they trust my driving more than their son’s.

Here comes the important part, buckle up! I was into college and once I needed his car, not a must but just to enjoy driving. Like a generally spoiled kid, I had a few arrears to clear, and that was my third year in college when companies for placement will start to come the next semester. I got turned down by my father to take his car, as I had to clear the arrears and get a job.

I got so pissed off then, I decided to clear my arrears and as decided, I did clear them.

Placements came, I got selected by an MNC even though I had an arrear yet to be cleared before joining the firm(Please don’t tell my father that I had one). My father was so happy that, 2 days after I got the offer, he gave his car for a trip with my friends, the first time in history ;-). This may be an ordinary moment for some of you, but for me, this is like a dream come true!

I realized I have to work to get something that we truly desire to have. I cleared my finals, started my career in a metro city. I spent almost all of my earnings on food and accommodation each month.

When someone is into cars, they just don’t want to have cars, they want to do something with it, UPGRADES! This is the largest community I have heard of in the whole world! Every part of the world has a car community and every age group has a part in it! I started hunting for such type of information, knowing more about them, their ride, their upgrades and still, I look at most popular youtube channels and their cars, how they build it, how they enjoy doing it!

As every one of them did, I too wanted to do such things to mine, no technically my dad’s! So one day I asked him if we can do this or that to his car, his answer was “get yours, do whatever you want! Not to mine. People don’t want to look at a 50-year-old driving a modern car spitting flames!” This to me made me set a goal to get my very own ride.

I set a definitive target to get one and started working on it. I switched jobs, started saving money, handled finances in a different way to accommodate my target. Still, I don’t have a car on my own, but soon, I will be in a position to get one to tastefully build it and enjoy it every day!

That day, if my father gave his car when I asked for, I don’t think, I would be writing this article with a Job in hand, experiences that I acquired through the years I worked, living independently in a metro city managing myself. I will continue this story with my experience getting her and building her to my taste! I hope I get her by this year amidst all the pandemic that’s going on! Wear a mask, wear your seatbelts!



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